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Includes Navigation Advisories

Harbor Safety Plan

Last update: 3/10/2021

Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committee Roster

Last update: 02/01/2023

Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committee

Founding Documents

CIHSC Resolution 2022-06 Committee Appointments/Reappointments 12/06/22

CIHSC Resolution 2022-01 Committee Reappointments 05/11/22

CIHSC Resolution 2022-02 Committee Appointment 05/11/22

CIHSC Resolution 2022-03 Committee Appointment 05/11/22

CIHSC Resolution 2022-04 HSC Chair


CIHSC Resolution 2022-05 Officers 05/11/22

Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committee Charter Last updated: 01/10/20

CIHSC Harbor Safety Plan Approved:

CIHSC Resolution 2018-01 Director Changes 02/13/18

CIHSC Resolution 2018-02 Officers


CIHSC Resolution 2018-03 HSC Chair


CIHSC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Sheet last updated: 02/21/17

Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committee ByLaws

CIHSC Resolution 2015-01 Approve Bylaws

CIHSC Resolution 2015-02 Board of Directors 09/30/15

CIHSC Resolution 2015-03 Officers & Meetings 09/30/15

CIHSC Resolution 2015-04 Accounts

CIHSC Resolution 2015-05 Startup Costs

CIHSC Articles of Incorporation

CIHSC Certificate of Incorporation

2015-2018 CI Harbor Safety Committee Meeting Summaries (Due to quorum issues & COVID-19 no HSC meetings were held 2019-2020)

11/07/18 HSC Meeting Summary

04/26/18 HSC Meeting Summary

10/17/17 HSC Meeting Summary

10/28/16 HSC Meeting Summary

05/13/16 HSC Meeting Summary

11/04/15 HSC Meeting Summary

09/22/15 HSC Meeting Summary

2015-2019 Managing Board Meeting Summaries

08/21/19 Managing Board Meeting Summary

12/04/18 Managing Board Meeting Summary

10/29/18 Managing Board Meeting Summary

08/28/18 Managing Board Meeting Summary

04/13/18 Managing Board Meeting Summary

02/13/18 Managing Board Meeting Summary

10/09/17 Managing Board Meeting Summary

08/30/17 Managing Board Meeting Summary

02/13/17 Managing Board Meeting Summary

12/14/16 Managing Board Meeting Summary

09/29/16 Managing Board Meeting Summary

05/13/16 Managing Board Meeting Summary

01/21/16 Managing Board Meeting Summary

11/04/15 Managing Board Meeting Summary

09/22/15 Managing Board Meeting Summary

08/13/15 Managing Board Meeting Summary

07/07/15 Managing Board Meeting Summary

06/09/15 Managing Board Meeting Summary

Workgroup Documents

Letter to the COTP, re: Amakdedori Port Proposal

Mission Statement - Harbor Safety Plan Workgroup

Mission Statement - Navigation Workgroup

Scope of Work - Navigation Workgroup

Mission Statement - Marine Firefighting Workgroup

Marine Firefighting Workgroup - CIHSC Presentation

Mission Statement - Salvage Workgroup


Cook Inlet Marine Firefighting Plan

2000 NVIC 1-100 Harbor Safety Committees 02/2000

Harbor Safety Committee Desk Reference 08/2000

Cook Inlet Risk Assessment Final Report w/Appendices (20MB) 01/27/15

Cook Inlet Risk Assessment Final Report

w/out Appendices 01/27/15

Appendix A - Estimate of Reduced Risk of Tanker Spill with Cross-Inlet Pipeline (The Glosten Associates, Inc.) 01/27/15

Appendix B - Evaluating a Drifting Vessel's Ability to Self-Arrest and Evaluation of 2012 Response Times (The Glosten Associates, Inc.) 01/27/15

Appendix C - Benefit-cost Analysis of the Trans-Foreland Pipeline as a Risk Reduction Option (Northern Economics, Inc.) 01/27/15

Appendix D - Public Comments and Management Team's Response to Comments 01/27/15

Appendix E - Management Team and Advisory Panel 01/27/15

Appendix F - Zone of No Save Management 01/27/15

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