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Navigation Advisory - Activation of Upper Cook Inlet Ice Guidelines

The U.S. Coast Guard Captain of the Port (COTP) for Western Alaska has implemented the Operating Guidelines for Ice Conditions for the Upper Cook Inlet, effective November 24, 2021.

211104_Navigation Advisory - 16710 - Ice Guidelines Implementation for UPPER Cook Inlet
Download PD • 195KB

All vessels scheduled to arrive in areas north of Homer, AK in Cook Inlet must submit a voyage plan no less than 24 hours prior to arrival at the Kachemak Bay Pilot Station. We have posted a voyage plan template and the Guidelines referenced above to the Sector Anchorage Homeport webpage.

Sector Anchorage Homeport webpage:

While use of the voyage plan template is not mandatory, your voyage plan must include all information listed in the template. Voyage plans must be e-mailed to Based on information in your voyage plan, we will determine if the vessel needs an exam prior to entry into Cook Inlet and will notify the submitter if an exam is required. Vessel agents can coordinate with Marine Safety Detachment Homer at (907) 235-3292 to schedule an exam.

The National Weather Service’s Cook Inlet Sea Ice analysis:

Please direct questions regarding this advisory, or the Guidelines referenced above, to the Sector Anchorage Waterways Management Division at (907) 428-4189 or after hours (907) 428-4100.


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