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Next Charts Entering Last Edition Status (Southeast Alaska, part 2)

While last month saw some 26 traditional paper charts announced for last edition status in the northern half of Southeast Alaska, this month another 31 charts, in the southern portion of Southeast Alaska, have been announced for Last Edition status as of 9/1/22. The complete list of numbered paper charts in Alaska, either in Last Edition status or already cancelled, is attached.

For notes on progress towards the future of NOAA charts, I am pleased to report that charts in the Tracy Arm and Holkham Bay have just been reschemed to 1:20,000 (from the prior chart scale of 1:40,000), and new data from 2020 over the Endicott sill has been added.

Finally, for those who would like to continue to sail with paper charts, I would continue to encourage you to check out the NOAA Custom Chart application (also accessible from the NOAA Coast Survey homepage)

To get started, I recommend clicking on the Help Documentation icon on the far left, top, of the NCC site, and check out the "Quick Start Guide."

Coast Survey's survey plans for the upcoming season are now available!

Click here for the 2022 StoryMap of NOAA Hydrographic Surveys in Alaska.

Sent by LCDR Hadley Owen, NOAA

Navigation Manager, Alaska

Last Edition Charts - Alaska as of 2022-09-01
Download PDF • 2.74MB


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